-About Lula B

Hey Guys!

Maybe you are a returning customer or maybe you just stumbled upon our page but first and foremost, let me say Welcome and I hope you’re ready to fall in looove! (With clothing, that is!) My name is Carly—Owner and Boss Babe of EVERYTHING lula b. I like think of myself as a Dream Chaser, Adventure Seeker, Bingo Lover, and Coolest “Dauntie” to three spicy yet Oh So Sweet Nieces and Nephew.  

lula b. started as MY dream! The dream of owning a clothing store started when I took my first sewing class in the 8th grade. As I grew and changed, so did the vision for the store but the dream never did. I knew since the age of 14 that someday, I would be a store owner and that someday is NOW!

lula b. opened on March 31, 2016, in downtown Bismarck, ND, with the help and support of my family! The vision is to bring fun, fashion finds to my community and others with the online expansion!

I LOVE what I do and could not have done it without all of YOU! I am forever grateful! THANK YOU!! 

Oh and Fun Fact—lula b. is actually a spin off of my nickname with the fam. Lulabelle which later turned into lu or lula all because of a beatles song and singing “Love Me Do” as love me lu! So with that, comes the hashtag I always end with. I hope you enjoy the store and  #lovemelu